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Game Adviser is a consulting company, which specializes in esports-related training, consulting and esports player agency business and to IT projects business. Our primary expertise is to promote healthy communities and life. We serve both public and private sectors.

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Our ways

Our company is a spearheading expert organization, which purpose is besides financial gain, to promote both positive attitudes and knowledge about electronic sports. When You make an agreement of co-operation with us, contracts and time tables will stand. We do not hussle or hide expenses.

Our experts

Antti Junttila

CEO, Partner

Hanna Junttila

Medical Expert, Partner


Antti Junttila

The founder and CEO of our company Antti Junttila is a seasoned veteran in teaching, gaming and education.

Antti has almost two decades of experience in vocational studies faculty staff. Besides this, he has gaming experience for over 7,500 hours in 20 years.  In addition he has an intact relationship towards traditional sports. His hobbies include ice hockey, golf and floorball which in all he holds also qualification to act as a referee. In ice hockey Antti has acted as an official referee for Finnish Ice Hockey Federation for a decade. In golf he acquired a single handicap in three years.

Antti has developed several esports-related educational products, for example sports club esports coach basic training and usage of esports in youth work in the public sector. Antti acts currently as a senior lecturer of business information technology and business economics in Educational Consortium OSAO. The Educational Consortium started already in 2009 game programming curriculum which Antti had a significant role in planning. OSAO started online lessons for over a decade ago and Antti has given them for thousands of hours.

Educational Consortium OSAO starts on autumn 2020 larger esports curriculum, where Antti works for both main planning and head coaching after the start. In gaming itself Antti reached in PUBG while the ELO rating and global area servers were in effect the total rank 347 for EU area. At OSAO, Antti was working as a teacher mainly with desktops, servers, networks and IT support studies

Currently Antti works as a game production senior lecturer in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.


MBA, Entrepreneurship and Business Economics
BBA, Business Information Technology
QVT, Qualified Vocational Teacher
Expert in competence based qualifications
English language, highest level language certification

Subject-related expertise

Education and consulting both in contact and online
Esports -games
Entrepreneurship and business competence
Game design
Computer technology
Cyber security
Computer networks
Digital photography and image manipulation

Favorite games of all time

CS beta 5.2 and 6.0 for over 1000 hours
CS 1.6
Battlefield series for over 1500 hours
PUBG for over 1400 hours

Hanna Junttila

The most advanced expertise in sports medicine, life habits, physical trainign and nutrition is represented by Hanna Junttila.

Hanna has worked as a physician for almost 20 years for both the public and private sector. She is one of the few seldom senior consultants in sports medicine in Finland. Hanna works currently in private sector in Oulu, Finland. Hanna has personal experience in traditional sports as a track and field athlete who made it all the way to the gates of the Finnish National track and field team until the call for work as a sports doctor was too strong. Nowadays her hobbies include ice hockey, golf, gym and both downhill and cross-country skiing.


Licenced physician
Specialized in Sports Medicine
Specialized in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Msc Econ. major Economics
QVT, Qualified Vocational Teacher

Subject-related expertise:

Physical training (training programs)

Life habits (nutrition, sleep cycle and rhythm)

Prevention of musculoskeletal system failures


Our company provides following services among others. You can move to the section You are interested in by clicking the icons.

Esports-related projects

We can come to Your organization to train Your organization’s personnel or plan necessary premises, devices and/or event.

Esport player agency

You a rookie esports-professional prospect? Let us help You with contractual issues. Only thing You should focus is the game.

Esports-pro player development plan

What kind of quality Your training has? Are Your life habits in correct shape? We can answer these questions and help with Your training.

Founding of esports-company

Founding an esports-company or a club? Let us help to get Your organisation up and running!

Director of Coaching

We provide director of coaching service to Your esports club with monthly flat rate.

Organizing an event

Planning an event? Let us handle the details.

Esports projects

Electronic sports eg. esports have significant success potential in many different areas of business. Esports industry offers a huge amount of business opportunities. Generally accepted estimate of total revenue in the esports industry for the year 2020 is over billion euros.

There are some biased opinions for esports in general. They have been proven not real when esports actions have been organized with healthy life aspects in mind. Very large portion of young people plays esports-ready games already.

Why not handle things in organized and decent fashion at the same time? Possible cons against gaming are minimized and esports-related target groups will have both living habits and attitudes more developed. Our experts product swift and surely both clear and simple plan for Your organization from the topic You wish or we either come to Your organization to train Your organization’s personnel or plan necessary premises, devices and/or event.

Esports projects

  • Training, planning and execution

  • Consulting

  • Workshops

  • Events

  • Plans for hardware, software and premises

Esports player agency

Are You a rookie esports-professional prospect? Different deals and agreements might easily make Your head spin.

Let us help You with contractual issues. We will deal Your representation in agreement manners and negotiate sponsor and player agreements for You. With laws and taxes we use legal counsel when necessary to provide best results for You.

Only thing You need to focus is the game.

Esports agent

  • Contractual representation
  • Contracts
  • Gaming and other life issues (studies etc.) reconciliation

Esports-pro player total development plan

 On Your path to the absolute top are many obstacles. What kind of quality Your training has? Are Your life habits in correct shape? What kind of mental capabilities do You have? All these questions are answered when player has total development plan where player receives best possible individual methods.


Professional player holistic development plan

  • Training methods
  • Tactical methods and prevention of damaging gaming patterns
  • Mental coaching
  • Nutrition and sleep cycle coaching
  • Physical coaching
  • Medical aspects


Founding of esports club or organization

 Structuring organization for esports-related activities might feel challenging especially in such a new and dynamic business sector.

Let us help Your organization start the work. We have quite a good impression for establishing a business or club organization, handling equipment, recruitment, premises, coaches and other necessary issues. We will inform Your organization for all necessary things to help You to nice head start and we will help to recruit and train Your coaches and help You to acquire both hardware and software.

You will know the total price for the entire project before You make a decision for the start.

Help for establishing the organization

  • Recruitment consulting
  • Premises, hardware and software planning
  • Training programs and event planning

Director of Coaching

 After the organization has been established, the development of organization begins. When the recruitment of the staff has been made and operations begin the organization requires also leadership in order to rationalize everyday life.

We offer our skills for Your organization´s administration. Sparring and training Your own coaches will make Your organization more likely to achieve it´s goals. We will help Your coaches to develop game-related, physical, mental and social excercises which serve Your customers in turn.

Administration of esports organization

  • Training plans and manuals together with coaches
  • Mentoring the coaches and development of their skill set
  • Advanced training of the coaches when their abilities develop
  • Flat-rate billing, no surprise costs

Arranging and coordinating events

 Planning for LAN party or other esports-related event? We will handle the details. You don´t need to worry about Internet and electricity or any other technical details.

Our organization will build a turnkey solution for event  and You can handle the real issues: Represent, follow or enjoy the event. We will handle the rest.

Event-related arrangements

  • Preparations for event venue
  • Electricity, internet, lighting, passages, arena details, opening hours
  • Plans for tournament if necessary
  • Organization for necessary advertisement and marketing

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